Owner’s Engineering

Istrich Energy provides technical consultancy and Owner's Engineering services to investors during the installation of renewable energy projects. As part of these services:

Technical and administrative specifications are prepared for the tender for hiring a contractor and the bids submitted by the bidders are assessed.

The Project Design is revised and the outcomes and opinions submitted to the EMPLOYER in a report to optimize the design based on the relevant standards (TS-EN 62548) and international best practices.

Main products including panels, enclosures, structures, etc. used for building a plant are inspected at the production phase and site delivery.

Following the delivery of the work site to the Contractor, a sufficient number of employees shall be commissioned to help ISTRICH inspect the construction process as per the TS-EN-62446 standard during installation, verify key milestones, and determine whether the project is carried out as scheduled and in accordance with the agreed concepts of design and quality. ISTRICH shall inspect the construction activities and report to the EMPLOYER on a daily basis. The inspection team of ISTRICH shall not leave the site until the EMPLOYER's Acceptance is completed.

Lender’s Engineering

Technical Consultancy Services for Banks and Financial Organizations

Accredited with the commercial banks operating in Turkey, Istrich Energy assesses projects as an expert before the investment stage, conducting tests and inspections on site in the course of the investment to report that the investment continues correctly and as planned. The company issues a commissioning and acceptance report following the completion of the investments, and shares them with banks.

Making Pre-Assessment Reports

Making Progress Reports at Installation Stages

Making Plant Commissioning and Acceptance Reports

Testing, Inspection, and TS-EN 62446 Certification Services

Istrich Energy provides on-site testing and inspection services for Photovoltaic Solar Power Plants (SPPs). This includes the following services:

Site visits and technical assessment of sites,

Inspection of compliance with the approved project design,

Inspection of conformity to deadlines,

Basic inspection of electrical and mechanical works related to the installation of SPPs,

Overall system check,

Camera tests shall be performed for all PV Modules in the Infrared (IR) facility in the entire plant using handheld thermal cameras and high-resolution Thermal Drones. Classifying the panels which are found to be defective by their defects (hot spot, connection error, in-panel array errors and others), and reporting them to the Employer,

Using a Handheld Thermal Camera to check the SPP Cabinet, Inverter and all connection ports, and reporting the defects identified in the thermographic overheat zones to the Employer,

Complete insulation resistance measurements,

System security and performance monitoring inspections,

Making suggestions to identify and resolves the system issues,

Measuring Current/Voltage (IV) curves for each string connected to the plant (100%),

Checking product certificates and warranty terms,

TS-EN (IEC) 62446 Certification.

Project Development

Istrich Energy, Engineering and Consulting Services develops Renewable Energy Projects tailored to the needs of its clients in Turkey. The company provides services mainly for Solar Power Plants, Hydroelectric Power Plants, Biogas Power Plants, and Wind Power Plants.

Feasibility Report

Istrich issues in-depth feasibility reports to be submitted to banks and financial organizations on behalf of investors. The reports are in English and Turkish. These reports include power generation simulations, plant investment and operating budgets, projected site conditions, all factors affecting the conditions of power generation, NPV and IRR analyses, detailed SWOT, PESTEL, LCOE analyses, etc. so that an Investor has all the necessary information prior to making an investment.

Process Management for Hybrid Facility Licensing for Any Source Type

Istrich Energy monitors all permits and legal procedures required by the relevant legislation for the SPP Projects planned as auxiliary sources of Power Plants, and conducts all procedures on your behalf. We can help you with the following permits.

Obtaining base maps,

Conducting geological and geophysical surveys,

Preparing and monitoring zoning plans,

Expropriation services,

Establishing the right of easement on the lots owned by the Treasury,

Managing the EIA process,

Preparing 3D layout plans for the SPP to be installed, simulating power generation in different alternatives, identifying an optimal installed capacity for the appropriate areas for a solar power plant that will integrate with the current plant, and issuing a feasibility report to be submitted to the Administration,

Making, following up and concluding applications to the Energy Market Regulatory Authority for combined renewable energy facilities.